DVDFab Media Player


DVD Playback with amazing features


  • Multiple format support
  • Low resources consumption
  • Lots of features to enhance playback


  • Because its “Low resources consumption” some features are a bit clumsy

DVDFab Media Player is a complete multimedia player with many features to improve the standard playback of media files and DVD. DVDFab Media Player is not only able to create playlists with lots of videos, but also supports the inclusion of virtual images in ISO format as well as DVD and Blu Ray. So you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows through DVDFab Media Player without relying on external software.

A distinctive feature of DVDFab Media Player is it consumption of few system resources. This is critical for those times when the PC is involved in several tasks, and you do not want to stop any of them by a movie playback.

DVDFab Media Player also has a very simple and neat user interface; it does not bother at all when is in "full screen" mode. Beyond that, DVDFab Media Player has all the attributes needed for maximum enjoyment of your media content besides its format.

HD and other visual technology

The development of media players is no easy task since video and audio standards evolve to assure great quality levels and emulate the technology used for cinema broadcasting. To stick as close as possible to this ideal, software developers must deal with new media standards and how to make them accessible for home users and their computers.

DVDFab Media Player has opted for the simplest solution: include support for all of the codecs and formats available. Therefore, DVDFab Media Player supports UHD (Ultra High Definition), 4K and HEVC ("High Efficiency Video Coding"), also known as H.265.

In that sense, DVDFab Media Player is in constant development to optimize the performance of internal codecs and other tools, so it would not be strange to include more and better standards in future updates.

DVDFab Media Player is a key factor to enjoy the present and the future of multimedia entertainment.

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