DVR-Studio Pro


DVR-Studio Pro

DVR-Studio Pro is an integrated software tool for authoring and burning DVDs. DVD menus also can be created. It is possible to reduce overheads by streamlining the DVD production workflow.
DVR-Studio Pro has a user friendly graphical interface through which you can create a DVD with just two clicks of mouse after the necessary editing of the recording. Its transfer modules help in transporting records from hard disks of satellite receiver models to a PC. The final output can be electronic files in appropriate format for playing straight from a PC or may be burnt on DVD directly.
Chapter marks can be manually set or automatically put at fixed intervals during the editing process of the recordings. While playing the DVD later, you can directly locate these marked positions. Also, several records can be burnt on a single DVD with chapter marks for each record.
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Type Shareware

Version 2.15

Size 7.21 MB

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