Earth's Special Forces


Earth's Special Forces

Earth's Special Forces is a Half-Life MOD that will delight more than one Internet user. If you´ve ever dreamed of getting into the role of one of the Dragon Ball Z characters, the day has come.

This must be one of the most awaited third-person games (though it can also be enjoyed in the first person) by all the fans and followers of the great animated show. Although it´s not any official release, it lets you fight against Goku’s and his friends’ powerful enemies, by being part of this fun group of warriors.

Choose your character and experience great adventures

The characters available to go along with you in this fantastic visual journey include Goku, Vegeta Piccolo, Gohan, Krillinand many more. The enemies from which you’ll have to defend Earth include the fearful Freezer, one of the series’ most outstanding villains.

Once you have made your choice, you are ready to fly, turn on your Ki, give out hits and kicks like a real supersaiyajin and, of course, put into practice all your powers until you turn all your enemies to dust.

How to install the MOD

Before anything else, you need to have Half Life on the computer, since Esforces works as an add-on of the original application. It should be noted that the game version you need for the modification to work is 1.6.

The next step is to run this installer. It will let you choose a directory from which it will open. Unless Half Life is in a different directory, it´s not necessary to change the default path. After that you simply need to click on “Next”, and the game modification will be ready in a few seconds. Enjoy this new challenge!

• Renewed action
• Adds many characters, each of them with its own characteristics

• The graphics are of poor quality, compared to similar titles
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Type Freeware

Version 1.2.3

Size 184.82 MB

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