EarthView is an innovative desktop wallpaper that will let you see any location on planet Earth in detail.

This interesting utility works as a large interactive map which you’ll be able to enjoy directly on your PC’s desktop. You’ll see day and night images, the weather, the arrangement of clouds and the direction of the winds. Besides, the program offers diverse perspective options: you’ll find a flat view, as if watching a planisphere, and a version in the style of an Earth globe, on which you’ll be able to rotate it.

EarthView lets you represent a panoramic image of all of all continents or zoom in to cities or areas you select. You’ll also find tools to generate maps in more than one point, and the software will show you information about the time and the climate in each place. Finally, it should be noted that the application not only works as your screen background but also as a screensaver, to let you enjoy its graphics at any moment.

• Graphics in high quality
• Various customization options
• Two different view modes
• Works as a screen background and screensaver

• Doesn’t include in-depth information

EarthView limitations:
• 14-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 5.14.0

Size 18.43 MB

Other versions

5.14.0 5.13.0 5.12.7 5.12.6 5.12.5