EbooksWriter Lite, a powerful program for creating eBooks quickly and professionally


  • Easy to use.
  • Copy protection.
  • Supports images.


  • The local AEH format isn’t the most popular.

Anyone can copy, print, and reproduce information found online without the creator’s permission. EbooksWriter Lite is the answer to the problematic distribution of protected information. It’s an eBook app that lets you create and write eBooks comfortably and easily. It’s doesn’t just compile—it’s also a professional visual environment.

It contains an internal album that makes it easy to reuse objects and images. It has a clipart and template collection that’s easy to use. The use of optimized hypertext is spot-on, and it’s relatively straightforward to place elaborate frame-by-frame links.

Protection against copying

What’s even better is that with EbooksWriter you can protect all or part of the eBook with a password, or prohibit any sort of copying or printing from all types of devices. It’s a slightly haphazard way to protect from copying, but it’s actually pretty efficient. In fact, EbooksWriter Lite even lets you assign different passwords to different readers.

Something that’s really worth highlighting is that with EbooksWriter you don’t have to compile code or anything like that. Create your books and save them in the program’s own AEH format or in EXE, the latter being much more popular. You can distribute securely between computers with Windows.
Try EbooksWriter Lite and let the wealth of features take you by surprise.

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Type Freeware

Version 2011.25.272.258

Size 2.87 MB

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