Create amazing web animations with Edge Animate CC for PC

Edge Animate CC is the latest version of the popular web animation software from Adobe that lets users ride the waves of their imagination and create whatever they desire.

There have been several major updates made to this program since the last version. All of them are designed to get the best out of animators. Motion paths will let animators move elements along completely customizable paths to make for a more expressive final product. If they find that they will be working a lot on a particular type of animation, users can save templates to use later on. This will save time when working on projects that are repetitive or very similar to older ones. Content is easier to host now with Adobe CDN, a content delivery network that lets users host content quickly and for free.

Edge Animate CC is especially good for working with HTML animation projects. HTML content can be created very easily and with complete precision. It offers animators different options as to how to start a new project. They can animate web graphics designed in Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC and make use of the huge range of font, drawing, and style tools to animate them. They can also use the existing HTML layouts and templates to create their animations.

The new interface allows for projects to be designed with the utmost precision. The WebKit design of the interface makes sure that everything will be compatible across modern browsers. The timeline feature allows for complete control over the animation process. The Pin tool speeds up the animation process and symbols can be used to create nested animations with their own timelines. All of the animations created with this program are compatible with most smartphones, desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and more, and even older browsers after defining a fallback state.

Download a free trial of Edge Animate CC for PC and create the best web animations out there!

• Motion paths for more expressive results
• Templates for repetitive projects
• Easy content hosting with Adobe CDN
• Animations can be made from web graphics designed in Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC
• HTML layouts and templates for animation projects
• WebKit design surface for modern browser compatibility
• Timeline tool for precise control over animation
• Pin tool for speeding up the animation process
• Projects compatible with a wide range of browsers and smartphones

• Steep learning curve

Edge Animate CC limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware


Size 2 MB

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