Two immortal swordsmen fight and kill each other endlessly in this addtictive side-scrolling fighter


  • Simple, side-scrolling fighting game
  • Controls for fencing actions, parrying, jumping, and lateral movement
  • Excellent replay value
  • Free to download
  • Regular updates for the software ensure that there will be more content


  • Continuously killing your opponent (spawn-trapping) is difficult to avoid in some situations

Eggnogg is a free arcade-style action game available for PC (Windows) in which two immortal sword-wielding players face off against each other endlessly and try to reach their respective goals at either end of a stage. The game is a parody of a popular game Nidhogg of the same genre. 

How to Play

Eggnogg is presented as a classic, 8-bit side-scrolling fighting game for two players. Characters are non-descript knights wearing armor of various colors, and wielding a parrying (fencing) sword. Colors for your character can be modified from the main menu. Controls are quite basic, and both players use the same keyboard to play. Directionals and surrounding buttons (or 'asdw' keyboard keys) can be used fo running, jumping, sliding and performing other main actions. I recommend that the user experiment for themselves to discover these controls. 

The main objective of the game is to progress to the left or to the right of your starting position - this depends which direction your character is facing. This can be done either by navigating past your opponent by overleaping them, or by killing them. The environments are well designed, with simple, flat surfaces, a handful of platforms, and some pits.

Killing your opponent will offer you several seconds to advance, after which they will respawn close by. Advancing through a level can be a back-and-forth, gradual process, and this is part of the fun. Momentum is constantly shifting. Eventually, however, one of you will reach a pool of water on either side. Jumping into the water will mean your character's death, but also signals his victory.

Combat Actions

Your character has a limited number of actions at their disposal, but they can be used strategically for maximum advantage. First, your characters are highly mobile and can move from left to right quite quickly. Moving across the screen will cause your screen to track you. Importantly, we have the fencing action, which executes a jab with your character. This can be used to instantly kill your opponent. For more precise attacks, you can tilt your sword up and down to stab foes coming from above or below. 

Killing your opponent will offer you several seconds to advance, after which they will respawn close by. Advancing through a level can be a back-and-forth, gradual process, and this is part of the fun

Holding down the fencing button will cause your character to throw his sword at his opponent, resulting in an instant kill if it connects. Holding the down directional and the action button while moving will cause your character to perform a slide - particularly useful for avoiding and incoming attack. If you lose your sword, and one is available on the ground, holding the down direction key will allow you to pick it up. In the event that both swordsmen lose their swords, hand-to-hand combat is available. This will take a lot longer to kill and requires a lot more skill. 

Other Techniques

In addition to basic movement and sword mechanics, the game includes multiple other techniques. If your opponent blocks an attack, they will be pushed back, providing ample opportunity to send them tumbling into a pit of spikes. If your opponent has pointed their blade downward, pressing on it will make that player unable to release the blade, allowing you to deliver a finishing blow. Parrying an opponent's attack offers the advantage of being able to disarm them. Anticipating when and where your opponent will respawn will allow you to execute an early ambush or toss your sword at them for an easy kill. 

The Verdict

Eggnogg is an excellent two-player fighting game in most respects. It's easy to pick up and play with no prior knowledge. The objective of progressing sideways is linear but also quite original, making for some highly competitive matches. Whether using basic fencing or throwing actions or more advanced parrying or disarming techniques, gameplay quickly becomes chaotic, filled with pre-emptive strikes and frantic dashes and slides. While the game is free to download, donations are welcome on their main website, madgarden.itch.io/eggnogg. Why not try the game for yourself?


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Version 1.0

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