eMule, for sharing files online


  • Download films, music, and series.
  • Uses a points system to transfer at the highest speeds possible.
  • Options to improve the download performance.


  • A lot of lagging in the most-used networks.

This is one of the most legendary applications on the internet, a program that, for years, has been at the forefront of the market and remains there even today. But what is eMule and why all the praise? Simply put, it’s a P2P client; a system for exchanging files with users all over the world.

eMule: give and you shall receive

Want to download the film you’ve been dying to see? Maybe that song that’s been stuck in your head that you can’t find anywhere? With only a few clicks in eMule you’ll be downloading whatever you want in no time. You’ll need to bear in mind that some digital products have commercial ownership licenses, and as a result shouldn’t be downloaded without caution first.

Like other P2P programs, eMule works by connecting people who are searching for specific files (‘peers’) and people who have said files (‘seers’). The system is slightly slower than others because the main part of its operation is through a central network, but once up and running you can find some real gems.

eD2k, are you still with us?

Perhaps not many people know this, but eMule is a network that uses its own protocol called eD2k. Sure, the name’s a little clunky, but it’s still going strong. It’s an evolution of a network that was called ‘eDonkey2000’ that was, in turn, the name of the predecessor of eMule. And all this still works? Of course it does. In fact, it also supports KAD. History lesson over, let’s get back to the main point: eMule operates other P2P networks, so you’ll have to keep in mind that it has its own rules, and have a bit of patience.  

With eMule you can use your own network, but also the latest version of BitTorrent; you’ll see a search engine specifically for it in the suite. The good news is that whilst the system has millions of users across five continents and massive amount of data, the servers are constantly updated, offering accurate information about the files. Why wait any longer to download eMule?

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Type Free (GPL)

Version 0.50a

Size 3.23 MB

Other versions

0.50a 0.5a 0.47a 0.47b 0.47c