Write mathematical functions on the computer with this effective tool

EqualX is a program to write mathematical formulae on your computer. It will let you type and edit TeX and LaTeX equations in a simple and intuitive way.

Even though computers simplify our lives in many ways, writing equations on the PC tends to be a tedious and confusing task that requires specialized programs or commands and tools that are difficult to find on some editor. EqualX offers you handy functions, well organized in a simple window, maximizing your workspace.

Apart from including all the commands and tools you need to create and edit equations, EqualX includes some extra functions that will speed up your work. For a start, it can automatically make the results stand out in the preview and consistently update them to let you analyze the problem better.

On the other hand, EqualX is completely customizable. It lets you completely change the look and the organization of its interface, as well as change the order of the toolbars, add and delete items, etc. Thus, your workspace will always adjust to your needs, and you’ll no longer waste time looking for a frequently used function under several submenus.

In summary, if you need to work with equations or mathematical functions with any sort of frequency, you should download EqualX for free, to have a clean, reliable and handy tool.

• Customizable look
• Makes preliminary results stand out
• Shortcuts to the most frequently used tools
• Easy to use

• Requires technical knowledge

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Type Free (GPL)

Version 0.5.1

Size 375.23 kB

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