Save, organize, and sync any type of info with EverNote

If you´re anything like the average human being, you probably can´t remember half of the information that is thrown at you and that you need to use on a daily basis. This is a constant struggle, especially with all the new information that comes our way with each passing day. EverNote is a great notetaking and archiving tool for PC that lets you save any type of information and refer to it alter offline.

EverNote lets you take any information from the web, be it passwords, notes, images, or media, and saves it for you. This information is organized into notebooks which you can easily leaf through later to find what you´re looking for. Information is also organized with tabs for an even easier time finding it.

If you have any doubts about how EverNote works, don’t worry! There are tips visible throughout the program that will most likely answer any of your questions. Important program functions are also displayed in plain view. Everything about EverNote is documented completely, so never fear if you have a question.

EverNote also makes it very simple to have all of the same information on all of your devices: PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. As long as EverNote is installed on all of these devices, syncing all of your information is very easy. Anytime that you are connected to the internet, just press the Synchronize button on the menu and all the same information will be available to you on any of your devices. Download EverNote free for PC and keep all of your important information at hand and organized!

• Save anything from the web, from images to passwords
• Information organized into notebooks and using tags
• Easily sync up all of your info across your devices

• May have some bugs
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Type Freeware


Size 129.99 MB

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