A game that gives players the experience of 20 years of action-adventure RPGs in one


  • Challenging & Fun
  • A gaming history lesson in itself
  • Interesting concept


  • Nothing noteworthy

Evoland is an intriguing action-adventure fantasy RPG if ever there was one. The game walks players through 20 years of the evolution of games such as Zelda and Final Fantasy from a time of 2-dimensional top-down perspective pixelated graphics to 3-dimensional today.

Evoland follows the heroes Clink and Kaeris, on a journey through the ages of gaming that educates you of gaming concepts and references of the past, present, and to come. The amazing part of the experience while playing this game is the way the world around you evolves as your character does.  

The main action of the game emerges from treasuries distributed on the map. When you find one you unlock new content. These elements start up being very basic, but they evolve as the game does, and bring you toward better graphics, new background styles and even more complex music. This really shows you how gaming has improved through the years, while also showing you an older style. Treasuries are also filled with weapons, objects and new mechanics you can use to advance.

While at first there are basic confrontations with the enemies in the game world, as you progress the style of battle will change, and sometimes drastically to include random encounters, turn-based battles, new party members, and real-time fights with powerful bosses. You’ll also encounter all the classic elements of the games referenced by Evoland like dungeons with streams of lava, caves full of bats, basic puzzles, keys, doors and switches, as well as an open world and towns.

One thing gamers will like about the game are the hints to the genre’s classics through satires, and clichés, all in excellent humor.

Download Evoland and discover a whole other way to play a game you know you’ll love!

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Type Shareware

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