ExpanDrive: joining cloud based services in only one point


  • You can manage your files directly online
  • You can manage different drive services using only one interface
  • Compatibility with the most cloud drive services


  • Depending the used cloud company the service could slow down

Do you use cloud storing data services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive? Do you use more than one at the same time? Then you will have files scattered around the net, and the need to conect to many places to manage them; and it is not comfortable, really? Then you are lucky today, becouse we introduce you a nice app that will change your daily work; his name is ExpanDrive, and it is a useful Mac app that will take all your cloud storing accounts and will join them into one service.

Thanks to ExpanDrive you will not have to access to each drive service, becouse you only will  have to connect to the application and manage the different services you use. For example: imagine that you have accounts in Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive. Now you only will have to access to ExpanDrive, where you will found these services as they could be folders. You will have the possibility to tranfers files easily from one to others and even edit online.

In short words it is a great application that will help you a lot of when you need to manage all the drive services. Would you like to have this app in your Mac? Then, what are you waiting for to download ExpanDrive?

ExpanDrive icon

Type Shareware

Version 5.4.1

Size 25.29 MB

Other versions

5.4.1 5.3.2 5.3.0 5.1.7