eXtended Task Manager (64-bit) (License Pack)


Optimize your work, monitor all systems and solve all problems


  • Wide range of options
  • High detail level
  • Complete help module


  • Features are complex for the average user

eXtended Task Manager (64-bit) (License Pack) is a complete programming tool, especially designed for developers who want to optimize their work with different applications.

This utility works especially in Windows operating systems with 64-bit processors, and lets you know, in detail, the status of all processes and programs that are being used on the computer at a specific moment. Thus, eXtended Task Manager (64-bit) (License Pack) does a constant monitoring of systems, and if any problem appears in one of the applications it will be able to solve them quickly, without having to close or uninstall it.

The program has a powerful research engine that quickly detects and solves problems in critical sections, files and process resources, programming components, environment variables, Registry keys, among others. It is even possible to schedule the pausing or stopping of certain problematic processes. Besides, it generates detailed reports that can be filtered by various categories to know exactly what happens on the computer.

eXtended Task Manager (64-bit) (License Pack) presents no difficulties in using it for people who work in programming. Undoubtedly, it is an interesting application to effectively control the status of the systems on the PC.

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