f.lux is a useful tool designed to care for your eyes and sight while you work on the PC. Basically, this tool will help you configure the screen resolution to make your stay at the computer as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Reduce your screen’s brightness with F-lux

Monitors are designed with a certain brightness range. Although the user can modify this parameter, the default brightness is set up to make it similar to the intensity of sunlight during the day. If you work at the PC all day, or worse, at night, this can be very harmful.

Brightness is measured in Kelvin degrees, which determines the light’s “coldness” (very bright) or “warmth” (darkness). Both solar radiation and a monitor’s brightness have a value of 6500K. But with f.lux, you can modify the brightness to adjust to the illumination of the environment in which you work, or even better, you can program the software to adapt to natural light according to the Sun’s position at your location (from 6500K to 3400K).

Benefits of using F.lux

The high contrast between the brightness of the monitor and the surrounding area is very harmful for the eyesight and for the human being in general. It not only causes dryness in the eyeball, a drastic reduction in the rate of blinking and a reduction in the retina’s sensitivity, it can also cause severe sleep disorders due to an excessive excitation of glands that depend on sunlight to synchronize their operation.

Configure F-lux

Although it may sound very complex, using f.lux is extremely simple. Once installed, it includes an icon in the system bar. Clicking on it opens the program, and clicking on “change” you can determine your location in the world.

This is very simple, since f.lux provides you with a world map. By marking where you are the program determines the hourly rate, and therefore the type of illumination that corresponds to the natural light at the moment.

In summary, with a number of very simple steps you can protect your eyesight from a long day at the computer. Download f.lux and notice the difference.

• Protects your eyesight, adapting the monitor’s brightness to your location
• Doesn’t use much space
• Completely automatic
• Free

• Nothing to report
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