If you want to use Mac without hurting eyes, try f.lux


  • Reduce visual fatigue.
  • Automatic working.
  • It helps to regularize the circadian rhythm.


  • Not yet known all the harmful effects of blue light.
  • It takes time to get use to it.

As time goes by, technology begins to be more present in our lifes. Suddenly, the computer, the mobile and even the fridge have a screen to interact with their functions. And this wouldn’t be good at all.

f.lux is a program for your Mac which accompany you all day, changing the tonality of the screen as the hours go passing by. f.lux is totally automatic and it is going passing from coldest colors to warmest at night.

We are going to be clear at this point: despite of f.lux is on the market from a few years ago, the truth is that the investigations on this subject are not conclusive at all. What if really has been tested is that a long exposition to blue light (one of the colors of visual spectrum) alters the circadian rhythm and causes visual fatigue due the constant exposition to screens which we use too close of the eyes. f.lux doesn’t filter the light -there are glasses for that-, but avoids the use of that spectrum on your screen.

With f.lux you only have to define the hour when you wake up in the morning and where you are, because the rest is done by the program. In the case you have to do design tasks, is possible to deactivate f.lux for a moment –so it won’t affect to colors palette-.

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Type Freeware

Version 39.987

Size 1.69 MB

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