Use Facebook without a browser with Facebook Pro for PC

Facebook Pro is a lovely program that works just like regular Facebook, but without having to open up a window in your browser.

This is a great program for anyone who works at an office where there are restrictions on Internet use and various popular sites have been blocked. Though with the intention of increasing productivity, these measures may not be so great for some people who are especially social. Other people have only Facebook as a means of communicating with friends, family, and others and need to be able to access it at any moment to make sure everything is fine. As you can see, it can be rather important to have access to Facebook for many people.

The solution is Facebook Pro, a program that will let you bypass any web restrictions and use Facebook as you normally would. Simply open up the program and browse through your history feed, checking out comments and “liking” anything that catches your eye. Leave comments on your friends’ pictures and even chat with them if you want. You can even create events and invite all of your friends to them. Basically anything that you can do with regular Facebook, you can do with Facebook Pro.

It should be noted that this is a very portable program, as there is no need to install it on any computer for it to work. This is excellent because some bosses or facilities are quite thorough and know the tricks some people use to get around web restrictions. With this program, however, you can bring Facebook with you wherever you go by copying it to a USB drive. Also, remember you can hide the program in folder or even a folder within a folder while you are using it so no one can find it.

Download Facebook Pro free for PC and use Facebook no matter what and wherever you want!

• No need to use web browsers
• No need to install
• Works just like regular Facebook
• Easily hidden in folders

• Nothing worth mentioning
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