Use a secondary cache for Windows in order to increase the computer's disk speed

FancyCache is a disk optimization tool that works as a secondary cache memory for Windows, helping you use your system’s RAM memory and improving your disks’ read and write speed.

If you have a 32-bit operating system and over 4 GB RAM memory, it´s possible that Windows shows less available memory, and doesn’t let you correctly use your system’s potential. In these cases, FancyCache will allow your computer to use all this “invisible” memory effectively.

On the other hand, this application is also ideal for those who have a solid-state device (SSD) instead of a traditional hard disk (HDD). FancyCache helps you increase your SDD’s lifetime, using a delayed writing function which avoids excessive overwriting of data to the disk unit.

Even if you have none of these problems, FancyCache will improve the efficiency of searches within your hard disk, and it will optimize the reaction times of your storage unit, for both writing and reading data. If you normally use applications that carry out a lot of write operations, FancyCache will help make them work quickly, without effects on your system performance.

FancyCache can be configured by disk or volume (or partition), and lets you level the amount of cache to take it from the system memory. It has a number of indicators and gauges to let you permanently check the system operation and know what you have to pay attention to. It also includes a number of advanced features, such as the possibility of accessing the level-2 cache, which has to be activated manually. To resolve doubts about any function, this program includes tests to know whether your hard disk supports certain features or tools before you activate them.

In summary, if you suspect that your computer is not performing at its full potential and want to improve your disks’ read and write times, don’t hesitate to download FancyCache for free.

• Lets you test the compatibility of some functions
• Supports solid state devices (SSD)
• Includes advanced features
• Lets you verify the system status

• The interface is a bit overloaded

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Type Freeware

Version 0.8.0

Size 1.58 MB

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