Faster Than Light


Feel the tension and manage your craft as a real spaceship captain in Faster Than Light!

Every gamer has experienced space “dog-fighting” in one galactic game or the other. Faster Than Light, the latest space combat simulator and strategy game for PC, goes a few steps beyond that to bring you into the world of space combat. Not only will you blast away rebel ships, but you will have to manage your crew, fuel, shields, and sometimes even fires, in the process!

The story is simple: your spacecraft has come across some information valuable to the Federation about the rebels, and the rebels are on your tail trying to keep the Federation from getting their hands on it! You must reach the Federation fleet in time!

However, travelling in this game is not so straightforward. You are presented with a map with various waypoints, and you cannot predict what will be waiting for you at each one. Some may be teeming with rebel ships, others totally empty, and still others may send you a distress call that could be legitimate or a rebel trap! You must choose your actions wisely, too, and keep your ship and crew intact in the process!

Be careful! You may be able to save the game as you are playing, but once you die, everything is lost and you must start from scratch! You can, however, pause during battles to give yourself time to assess the situation and take appropriate action. If you manage to keep your ship intact and your crew alive long enough, you will be able to unlock new ships! As you wait with baited breath for this game to be available for download, go ahead and download a Faster Than Light wallpaper free for your PC!

• Option to pause during battles
• No two play-throughs are alike
• Permadeath adds extra tension to each game

• Very difficult even on easy mode
• Very short tutorial
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