Listen to music in the best possible quality and optimize the sound in Windows 7

Fidelizer is a tool to optimize audio in Windows 7 which will help you enjoy your music in the best quality. It includes different sound profiles, making it useful both for regular users and for sound professionals.

Fidelizer’s main function is not to adjust the intensity of sounds, as an equalizer would do. On the contrary, this program aims to avoid interruptions, instability and slowness in the audio, resulting from other processes using computer resources. It´s true that these problems are not as pronounced on new computers, but sound quality can still be affected noticeably.

After downloading Fidelizer for Windows you’ll discover three optimization levels. The first one is “Professional”, which will let you continue normally working while you enjoy an improved sound quality. This won’t affect the system performance, nor will it interrupt processes required for the computer’s operation.

The second level, “Audiophile”, is designed for those who want to achieve an even higher sound fidelity. This will give a higher priority to audio resources, meaning that the system and network performance will be reduced. Finally, the “Extremist” level will disable most Windows services, only keeping active those that are important to play back music.

As you can see, this program will significantly improve your computer’s sound quality. Since it includes three different profiles to choose from, it will let you reduce the optimization level when you need to use your PC and increase it when you just want to enjoy good music.

What are you waiting for to download Fidelizer for free?

• Different optimization levels
• Easy to use
• Improves the audio quality

• Not a media player

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Type Freeware

Version 3.0

Size 345.75 kB

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