Experience the most realistic football game with FIFA 2014


  • New Pure Shot feature
  • Amazing graphics
  • Improved Career Mode


  • Nothing noteworthy

FIFA 14 is a sports game for PC and the new installment in the FIFA video game series which is focused on the most popular sport in the world: football (or soccer).

FIFA 14 is well known for its technical superiority over other football games around and for having all the licences to offer soccer teams from all over the world.

First of all, the physics of the game, specifically of the ball, are much improved. Now the trajectories of the ball are mapped out perfectly, so you can hit the ball from far away, dribble it, or anything you want and still retain that realistic feel.

Being a football game, FIFA 2014 of course has a lot to do with teamwork and team dynamics. In this newest version of the game, team intelligence has been highly improved. This means that the AI players will act more like actual players, waiting for just the right moment to make a move or get out of the way.

As you play, you will see that other things have also been greatly improved upon. For instance, you can now curl the ball around opponents as you make your way to score a goal. There are also several new ways to dribble, including sprint dribble turns and more. A new feature called Pure Shot lets players adjust their angle and stride when preparing to score a goal.

FIFA 14 also offers an improved version of Career Mode, where you can scout for new footballers, develop your scouting network, and more. The hub for this mode has been redesigned and is much easier to use.

You can download a wallpaper of FIFA 2014 here!

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