Time to touch off with FIFA '14, experience the new touch controls for mobile


  • 16, 000 realistic and recognizable players
  • 600 infamous teams and 34 amazing reconstructed stadiums
  • Excellent graphics and soundtrack


  • Many die-hard fans of the series will not notice much difference other than the controls

One of the most compelling games in the sports industry FIFA is back for mobile with its latest and greatest ever.

FIFA ’14 has everything from players based on the real ones, to the actual teams they play for, and the competitions they compete in. The game is the series’ most exciting one yet with brand new touch controls so that the physics of soccer looks and feels unstoppable.

Worthy of a console game, FIFA ’14 has 16, 000 players across more than 600 world-class teams, all licensed to play in 33 of the toughest leagues like the English Premier and La Liga in 34 realistically rendered and brilliant stadiums.

Build an unbeatable fantasy team by earning and trading player or by buying and selling them on. Determine the team strategy and control the style in which your stars play the pitch. Earn coins by winning tournaments and use them to upgrade your team’s kit and purchase items which will help you as you make your way to the top.

To play simply click and drag a player to move them about the playing field, tap the screen to pass the ball, and swipe it to attack the goal. The new way to control the game puts the win-loss factor back in the hands of the player as if they were playing on console or PC.

The graphics are incredible and the soundtrack is even better. Prepare to be awestruck when you recognize famous players, and sit back and play while FIFA ‘14 picks the tunes you want to hear.

Anyone who loves sports games, especially soccer should download FIFA ’14. Likewise if you love games in general this is one for you too.

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