FIFA Manager 12


FIFA Manager 12

FIFA Manager 12 is a football game in which you’ll manage your own team. This title will convert you into the club’s director, to test your capacity and knowledge on the field and outside of it.

Control every aspect of your team

FIFA Manager offers you a very complete gaming experience, since it presents the different factors that influence the success or failure of any sports club, from the training level to negotiating contracts or participating in news conferences.

You’ll be able to assume the role of a coach, letting you decide on the schedule and the intensity of training sessions, manage pre-season activities, assign roles and positions to your team’s players, determine the lineup of main and substitute players for every match, etc. You’ll also have to take care of your individual players, either helping the injured or controlling that your stars’ ego doesn’t become a problem.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in the club’s administrative part, in this football manager game you’ll be able to take care of your club’s budget, expenses and income sources. You’ll also have to negotiate contracts both with your players and with the sponsors or television channels to set a price for t-shirts, uniforms or entry tickets for the matches. You must manage your money well, since you’ll have to pay salaries and renovation programs both for the club and for the stadium.

It should be noted that FIFA Manager lets you assign an “assistant” for every team management task. It means that if you aren’t interested in financial management, for example, you can place expert people in charge of it, while you take care of the remaining sections. In any case, you can deactivate this function and take over at any moment whenever you feel ready.

Customize your game

FIFA Manager lets you select the team you want to manage. From third division small clubs to big-league competitors, you’ll be able to manage real teams with real players. On the other hand, in case you want to, this EA manager lets you create your own club, by customizing even the smallest detail. From the category to the t-shirt colors or the city of origin, you can create the team of your dreams and lead it to victory.

On the other hand, you’ll be able to adjust many of your character’s features: name, gender, age, marital status, number of children, physical look, etc. Even though they may seem unimportant, these details can affect your relationship with the team and with your players. You’ll also handle your private life, planning from meetings and lunches to complete vacations.

Something worth noting is the soundtrack, essential for any game’s atmosphere. FIFA Manager 12 has a good number of songs that combine very well with each instance, but in case you want to, you’ll be able to use any audio clip you have on your computer, letting you fully customize this aspect of the game.

Compete on your own or online

FIFA Manager presents you with a large variety of tournaments and competitions to let your team increase in ranking. You’ll find competitions of the caliber of the Champions League, but also with tournaments of lesser or juvenile leagues. You’ll be able to shout instructions to your players while they are on the field, completely changing the result. You’ll also see trophies and awards decorating the most valuable player, or the best player of the month, for example.

FIFA Manager 12 also lets you simulate encounters on a smaller scale, where you’ll be able to adjust every aspect of both teams and watch the result. This game mode is especially useful to develop strategies and see which are the strong and weak points of future rivals.

On the other hand, you’ll be able to play online with up to four opponents. You’ll be able to create small leagues and play a season with other people, seeing the constant updates of player lineups and statistics that reflect each match. Thus you’ll adjust your strategy and help your club rise in victory at the end of the season.

In summary, FIFA Manager 12 is a very complete game, with innumerable options that will attract even the most demanding player. It´s intuitive and entertaining and will keep you busy for quite a while, thanks to a large number of new things to try out.

What are you waiting for to try out FIFA Manager 12?

• Wide range of options
• Online multiplayer mode
• The possibility to assign “assistants”
• Directing the team during the matches

• Some tournaments have no official license

FIFA Manager 12 limitations:
• Restricted features
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