FIFA World


Build your team from all angles with over 12,000 players to choose from - another FIFA masterpiece


  • Build your ultimate team from over 12,000 players
  • League Teams mode lets you play through a makeshift season and stay on the leaderboards
  • Buy, sell, trade and transfer players in the transfer window using a unique bidding process
  • Customize your club, your squad, stadium, kits and of course the players themselves
  • Bronze to Gold quality players make you strive for the best team
  • Team of the Week lets you battle it out against in-form players all in one team for added rewards
  • Integration with FIFA account, FIFA points synchronization, and FUT15


  • Microtransactions for some purchases, such as FIFA Points

FIFA World is a free football simulator game for PC (Windows), developed by EA Sports. Create your ultimate team, play against your friends, buy, sell and trade plays, and much more in this authentic football simulator. The game is directly affiliated with other FIFA games such as Ultimate Team. 

A Truly Authentic Footballing Experience

There is no shortage of football simulators available right now, but with EA at the helm this one is one of the best. The game is a product of console-based FIFA titles and Ultimate Team, both of which are represented in the game. It plays quite similarly to them, as well. While not as ambitious in terms of graphics, overall graphics, user interface options, controls, and customization of your squads and players are all comparable. 

Getting Started

Once you have an EA Origin account set up, you can download the software. The game presents itself from the outset as a somewhat simplfied version of its FIFA counterparts. Despite this, should you feel unsure of any aspects of the game, the website has a series of comprehensive tutorial videos which tell you how to get started, set up teams, play matches and much more. It is also a great opportunity to investigate the game modes which are on offer. 

Building your Ultimate Team

The most popular mode for most, in line with FIFA games, is FIFA Ultimate Team, or simple Ultimate Team mode. This will let you effectively create your ideal squad from the ground up from over 12,000 players. As owner, you are in complete control of every aspect of your club's development. Choose player kits and the stadium you'll use. Buy, sell, and trade players to upgrade your team. Prepare yourself for every match by dictating kits, formations, subtitutes and much more. 

Players in your club range from bronze to gold level, so in order to compete on the biggest stages, you'll have to gradually work your way up. This can be done in a number of ways. First, in order to purchase players on the transfer market, you can earn coins from playing either in single player or multiplayer modes. These coins are rewarded at the end of a match, with more being given should you emerge victorious.

Once you have earned enough coins, you can head to the transfer market. Players here, as well as on your Squad screen, are displayed as cards with various stats including passing, shooting, headers, dribbling and more. Each of these are scored out of 100, scaling accordingly between bronze, silver and  gold standards. Clicking on a player will display information about the bid including start price, the current bid, and the time remaining to purchase them. The 'Buy Now Price' also displays a higher but often reasonable price should you wish to forego the bidding process. If a bid is successful, the player will be added to your squad. 

In addition to this market, a player can also purchase packs of varying price and quality using coins or FIFA Points, the game's virtual currency. While topping up your FIFA Points requires some microtransactions, coins are often more than sufficient, given a little more time to earn them, to purchase most packs in the game. Packs range from Bronze to Gold and standard to premium, each offering different ratios of players, club items, and consumables which can be used to improve your club. 

League Teams Mode

If you want an authentic league experience, there is League Teams mode, FIFA World's own game mode. Here, you compete with a specific team in an Online Seasons scenario, progressing up the leaderboards throughout the season. Playing this mode requires match credits, which can be earned for winning matches, playing consecutive matches and getting promoted

If you want an authentic league experience, there is League Teams mode, FIFA World's own game mode. Here, you compete with a specific team in an Online Seasons scenario, progressing up the leaderboards throughout the season

Preparing for Matches

Regardless of the game mode, the most engaging part of this game is playing in live matches, both against CPUs and your friends. This is where other interesting dynamics emerge in the game. When you are selecting your squad, you will notice various additional options other than their stats, such as their contract information. As a another way of making the 'golden boys' of the game more valuable, contracts determine how many matches a player can play before a consumable item must be used to renew their contract. As implied, a gold standard player will have fewer matches available on his contract than a bronze one. 

Playing matches is quite similar to FIFA, with a simple enough interface and control mechanism. This is where a players' stats will matter. Pass trajectories are displayed using a series of colored lines, making it easier for most players. Tactics can also be modified in-game to get the most out of your players. Similar to other FIFA games, the strength of a pass or a shot is determined by how long you hold a button down. 

Team of the Week

If you're looking to truly challenge yourself to earn more coins, Team of the Week is there for you. With TOTW, you wil have to play a match against the in-form versions of players (in the real world) all in a single team. These teams will appear each week with six different difficulty levels ranging from Amateur to Legendary. Should you choose a higher difficulty, you will be rewarded with far more coins if you win. A user can only play against these teams once. These players will also show up in packs during this time. From the transfer market you can also purchase in-form versions of players from previous TOTW squads. 

The Verdict

FIFA World is an excellent and must-have game for all football fans and sports fans alike. Create your own team with Ultimate Team, integrate your data with the FUT15 app and with your FIFA account, and build your perfect team. Upgrade, buy, sell and trade players from a pool of over 12,000. Buy packs to upgrade your consumables, players, and more. The gameplay is just as exciting, offering FIFA-style controls and a fast-paced environment for competition. Single player and multiplayer options allow you to play against your friends and CPUs. Some microtransactions using FIFA points sour things a little, but overall it's a great game, and well worth downloading. 


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