Upload, download and transfer files simultaneously between multiple servers


  • Frequent bug fixes and updates
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Available in 47 languages

FileZilla is a file transfer software for PC and Mac that uses cross-platform functions to manage your files.  The software supports FTPS and SFTP for secure transfer of multiple files on multiple servers. It contains many tools to upload and download files, making it easy to perform multiple transfers simultaneously.

Ideal for beginners and advanced users

This software application is useful due to the many features available on its free versions. These features are simple, making the software accessible for beginners to use. The main toolbar is a collection of the application’s most useful functions such as clear title and folder lists, toggling the processing of the transfer queue and filtering the directory listings. The format is very intuitive and contains a familiar Windows-style layout. Within this default setup, display areas can be easily resized and moved aside to customize the workspace. By keeping the interface basic beginner users will not get lost trying to transfer their files.

Overall, FileZilla offers a wide range of functions to make file transferring, downloading and uploading practical and easy

For more advanced users, FileZilla gives you the option of editing files remotely using the user’s favorite local GUI text editor. You can also take advantage of other features such as of manual configurations and speed limit monitoring in the transfers menu.  These more advanced settings gives advanced users greater control over the software.

Simple to download and begin

FileZilla is very easy to download and launch on your computer. After entering a few basic server settings, you can begin managing your files. New users or beginners can easily customize the default settings when uploading and downloading flies. During the transfer you can manage the process by pausing, cancel file transfers and even configure transfer speed limits.  This makes the user experience even more practical and friendly.

Overall, FileZilla offers a wide range of functions to make file transferring, downloading and uploading practical and easy. Download FileZilla and begin using a powerful file-transfer tool.

FileZilla icon

Type Free (GPL)

Version 3.36.0

Size 7.43 MB

Other versions

3.36.0 3.35.2 3.35.1 3.34.0 (64-bit) 3.34.0 (32-bit)