Final Fantasy VII


Experience the continuation of the most epic RPG, Final Fantasy VII for PC

Final Fantasy VII is the latest title in the super popular RPG series from Square Enix that has set the bar for all other role-playing games out there.

This is by far the longest Final Fantasy game ever created, taking some reviewers over 50 hours to finish. The game starts off in an industrial complex that is part of a futuristic city, and players spend the next seven to eight hours there. It may seem that this is the only setting of the game, but players will soon find out that the game is made up of a gigantic map rendered in 3D. Each character also has at least one hour’s worth of backstory, all of which counts as an Easter egg in the game.

Final Fantasy VII continues with the story of the series, complete with flashbacks and rendered sequences that add to the emotional nature of the story. This storytelling takes up a fair amount of the game, as the series has become famous for it. It also does not shy away from some portrayals of sexuality and violence as well as swearing, all of which add to the realistic and emotional nature of the game.

The graphics are exceptional to say the least, and are perfectly rendered in 3D. Each character has their own look and style and is made to look as realistic as possible, considering the genre. Several attack animations were also created for each character, which are based on their weapons and equipment. Since each character has a different style of weapon, you can expect a diverse array of attack animations. The spells are another aspect of the game that was designed to impress. There are over 70 and each one is a marvel.

The gameplay for Final Fantasy VII is similar to that of the other titles in the series, with emphasis on exploring but also puts a lot of importance on battle and combat. The concept of polygonal battles is introduced here, with only three players being able to join in the fray at once. Each of the nine characters has tons of attacks as well as several “limit breaks”, or moves that cause extra damage but can only be used when a player has taken a certain amount of damage. Most characters have four limit breaks, with one possessing nine of them.

Download the Steam installer for Final Fantasy VII free for PC and see what all the fuss is about!

• Amazing story
• Epic 3D graphics
• Tons of Easter eggs to search for
• Over 50 hours of gameplay
• Huge game world to explore

• Nothing worth mentioning
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