Solve connectivity problems by analyzing your connected networks

Fing is a utility that lets you analyze the network to which you are connected, whether it´s local or the Internet. It´s ideal for administrators, and it will help anybody analyze, identify and solve connectivity problems.

Although it´s available for other platforms, such as Android and iOS, Fing for Windows works quickly and effectively, and carries out its analysis in a very short time. Unfortunately, for now it´s only a command-line tool, without a graphic interface, although its operation is so simple that it doesn’t really need one.

Within a few seconds, Fing will tell you the complete structure of the network on which you are connected, including IP and MAC addresses, as well as ISP locations. You’ll be able to see all the devices connected to the same network and see their names and even their manufacturers. This application works great in Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks, and detects from cell-hones to printers.

Fing will also identify and show services, including common ones such as HTTP, FTP and DNS. It will also tell you the devices’ latency and track domains from IP addresses, among other things.

If you are looking for a simple, lightweight and fast program to identify networks, don’t hesitate any longer to download Fing for free.

• Carries out scans within seconds
• Complete and detailed results
• Easy to use

• Has no graphic interface

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Type Freeware

Version 2.2

Size 3.02 MB

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