Firefox OS for PC


Firefox OS for PC

Firefox OS for the PC is an innovative application that will let you test, on your computer, the next operating system for mobile devices, created by Mozilla.

Actually, Firefox OS presents itself as the competition for Android or iOS, with respect to the possibilities it provides. For this reason, when you have this simple tool you’ll be able to test the different functions in the Firefox version for mobile phones, and carry out this within your PC’s own browser.

This testing opportunity will be extremely useful for mobile devices application developers, and it´s very simple to run, since it is an r2d2b2g extension. Thus, the program will run as one more add-on of the Mozilla browserfor cell phones, on your PC.

Steps to install the Firefox OS for the PC

It should be noted that this possibility of running another operating system within Windows requires a very simple process to activate the emulation. First of all, to install it you’ll have to start the Firefox browser and select the Tools menu. Once you are there, you’ll have to choose the B2G Desktop option, that will let you use the operating system.

After carrying out these steps, you’ll have to activate the r2d2b2g add-on within the B2G Desktop option. Here you’ll have to click on Tools again and choose the command Install Page as App. That way you’ll complete the installation, letting you run Firefox OS on your computer, as if you were using a mobile device.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that the Mozilla project has excellent compatibility with HTML 5 applications, and has new API standards, so developers won’t have problems in their tasks. Besides, this lets you browse Google Maps for mobile devices, as well as innumerable similar sites.

In summary, having this application for the Firefox OS will let you access a useful testing platform that presents numerous customization options. Don’t hesitate any longer and download it right now!

• Works as a Firefox extension
• Easy to use
• Compatible with HTML5

• Not very stable yet
• Its features might change
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Type Freeware

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