FL Studio 11


Create amazing tracks with FL Studio 11 for PC

FL Studio 11 is a music production program for PC that makes composing, editing, arranging, recording, mixing and even mastering music a breeze.

This essential program for songwriters, producers, musicians and more comes with workflow enhancements, new plugins, and more. The workflow enhancements include the addition of right click data entry, new shortcuts, and new click and hold functions.

FL Studio 11’s new plugins include a kick drum synth, a synth and effect channel, key mapping, and X/Y pad effects. Updates for other plugins include Newtone pitch and timing algorithm improvements, a new synth maker, Harmon synth updates and more.

There is also a new Performance Mode that lets you reproduce playlists live using your mouse, typing keyboard, touchscreen, and more. Multi-touch support means that plugins will respond to Multi-touch and there is support for Microsoft gesture functions.

Download a free trial of FL Studio 11 and start creating your dream album!

• New plugins
• Updated plugins
• Performance mode
• Multi-touch support
• Workflow enhancements

• May require the use of many resources

FL Studio 11 Limitations
• Trial
• Nag screen
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Type Shareware

Version 11.0

Size 297.97 MB

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