FL Studio: a first-rate sound and music editing tool


  • Extensive platform for producing digital audio.
  • Redesigned studio.
  • Compatibility with touchscreen devices.
  • Loads of plugins y add-ons.


  • Some of the plugins are quite pricey.

FL Studio is a name that, for some time now, is associated with the suite that many of us know as ‘Fruity Loops’, a piece of software able to produce digital sound through the emulation of instruments. Much time has passed since its first edition, to the point where today FL Studio as a whole audio production suite—from recording to mastering.

Seeing is the new hearing

The idea behind FL Studio is that you can sit at your computer and make music. This is achieved by the most straightforward means possible, through a platform in which you can mix different virtual instruments. What you see and hear in FL Studio is what you get.

In fact, that latest version of FL Studio has been redesigned, making it more intuitive than before. It’s now possible to find instruments in the most logical places. For example, the channel menu has moved to the channel selector so it’s easier to find, while the ‘Sample Browser’ is a lot smarter than before and can find anything from plugins to projects. What’s more, FL Studio supports touch screens, which is vital not just for producing sound by way of ‘playing’ the instruments with your fingers, but also to offer more flexibility to live playback. You can even break down each part of the studio and place them in different screens, something that’s pretty slick for a software of this type.

Click and make music

As mentioned, FL Studio is fundamentally a tool that utilizes the visual. From the piano to the sequencer; all components act as a ‘timeline’. On the vertical axis, choose the instrument or the note, on the horizontal axis choose when it will play. With FL Studio you can achieve the same things you would be able to on an instrument; define the tempo precisely and alter the duration of a note to the millisecond.

But, it you’re more into ‘old school’ music, FL Studio can support keyboards, sequencers, and MIDI instruments. They communicate beautifully with the program’s interface. In relation to mixing, it’s possible to add sound tracks that you’ve produced on other programs; upload them, balance the volume of each channel and export the project in various formats.

FL Studio comes with an infinite numbers of instruments, special effects, samples, patterns and so on. It also has an impressive support of ASIO drivers, VST plugins, Rewire, DirectX, and much more). Something that what once an innocent platform on which to mess around with music is now a powerful suite for producing sound. Don’t doubt it for a second: Download FL Studio and you won’t be disappointed.

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