Create amazing animations with Flash Professional CC for PC

Flash Professional CC is the latest version of the popular animation software that includes many new features and improvements upon the classic ones you know and love.

Probably the first thing that loyal users will notice is that the user interface has been revamped for a more streamlined look and for ease of use. This means that dialogue boxes and even panels function in a much more intuitive manner, aiding in the creative process while shaving off time. Users can now choose between a light or dark theme for the interface as well.

Another new feature of Flash Professional CC is the 64-bit architecture employed in the engineering of the program. Not only does this make for a more modular program, but also makes for a stable program with amazing speed. For users, this means they will be able to manage various files at once much easier as faster publishing.

Users can now export their content in high-definition, both audio and video. The complexity of the animation does not matter, and no frames will be dropped. HTML5 support has also been boosted and a new Toolkit added for CreateJS. It includes new functions for buttons, motion curves, and hit areas. Testing and then debugging content is much easier now as well. It can be done in much fewer steps and even from an Android device.

As Flash Professional CC users draw, they will be able to see instant previews of their work. These previews take fill and stroke color into consideration and will make the animation process much faster. Unlimited pasteboard and work area has been added as a feature as well, allowing users to deal with large backgrounds or other content not in view in an easier way.

As this is part of the whole Adobe package, there is also the lovely feature that is Creative Cloud integration. This means team members can edit the same files from any device or computer. Changes are tracked and saved as the file or project is edited.

Download a free trial of Flash Professional CC for PC and start animating smarter!

• New and improved user interface
• 64-bit architecture
• Content can be exported in high-definition
• HTML5 support boosted
• Easy testing and debugging of content
• Instant previews while drawing
• Creative Cloud integration

• Steep learning curve

Flash Professional CC limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware


Size 2 MB

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