FLV Downloader


Downloading and converting videos shouldn’t be a pain in the neck


  • Download videos from the internet.
  • Supports any format and resolution.
  • Converts into formats compatible with any device.


  • The interface isn’t complicated, but it could be more polished.

One of the main things we use the internet for is to look for entertainment, and one of the main sources of entertainment are videos. On many occasions we want to cherish videos a thousand times, share it with friends, or even edit and save a small section of it for ourselves. If you want to do any of these things, you should download FLV Downloader, a program designed by Kotato which gets your favorite videos onto your hard drive within seconds.

Any video, any website

As its name suggests, FLV Downloader downloads videos in any format we might find online, no matter the quality: 1080p, 720p, 4K, 2K and even 3D, it’s all good for FLV Downloader.

It also supports a massive amount of websites. For quality and quantity, the most obvious choice is YouTube, but it also supports DailyMotion, Facebook, and more. The advantage of FLV Downloader is that it has a way of accelerating downloads from sites that apply speed restrictions; it does so by applying a multi-thread engine which can speed up the process up to 5x faster.

Top quality conversions

Another feature of FLV Downloader is that it can convert videos into multiple formats, which saves a step in the event that you need to convert a video. The amount of formats is large, but the main ones are MP4, MOV, AVI, VOB, MKV. You can then transfer the videos to whatever project, or easily edit them with an external program.

Likewise, FLV Downloader also offers conversion profiles that relate to different devices. Supposing you wanted to download a video to watch on your Playstation 4, Xbox, or your iPhone. Well, you can easily do so by choosing the relevant profile from the FLV Downloader interface, and the video will work a treat. You don’t have to mess around with configurations, or search for the definition of ‘frame rate’, or worry about the space a video may take up on your memory card. FLV does it all for you.

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