A program for hiding your most valuable files


  • Encrypt and hide folders and files.
  • Create file containers.
  • ‘Wallet’ for hiding payment information.
  • Delete data securely.


  • Nothing worth noting.

Folder Lock is a program that’s been designed to raise the security level of your computer. Its main aim is to beef the security of the directories that you’re invested in, giving them the ability to hide and encrypt their contents in a way that keeps them ‘off the radar’ to unauthorized users.

Hide from prying eyes

The idea of Folder Lock is as you might expect: block a file, so that nobody has access to it. It’s done smartly, in that it’s enough to just indicate to the program which directory you want to protect, add a password, and that’s it. Folder Lock is able to place the files in invisible and encrypted ‘lockers’, which are completely portable.

Folder Lock can be used as a sort of prior step to making a backup copy, given that you can move the lockers to USB, CD, and DVD, or attach them to an email. These lockers are, additionally, self-executing; you don’t need to install Folder Lock on the destination computer to extract the data. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also possible to add or remove files from the lockers without needing to create a new one.

An extra helping hand

Making an online payment used to be something much more risky that it is nowadays. Although much has changed, the truth is that it’s never a bad thing to add an extra layer of protection. For this reason, Folder Lock includes a sort of ‘wallet’: a place where you can add the details of your credit and debit cards and then encrypt them, to be able to use them later without needing to type in any data. In this way you can avoid the feared ‘keyloggers’ —a type of malware that monitors the keys you press.

Folder Lock adds a function that lets you delete data in a secure way. With this, you can destroy whatever file you have on your PC and whatever piece of data you’ve saved within it. In times like these, it’s always a good idea to download and use software that has the quality of Folder Lock.

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Type Shareware

Version 7.7.6

Size 10.5 MB

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