Fone Rescue


This smart app can recover lost information and place it back on your mobile device


  • Recovers data from your iOS devices
  • Supports iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Different methods of recovery

The reasons why a mobile device can lose information are virtually endless. Sometimes it does not even make sense why. You may lose information because your mobile phone is hit or because you have moved much closer to an intense electromagnetic source (like magnets), but it is also likely that your files are deleted when you update the phone or when you remove certain protection that your iPhone takes by default (which is known as "jailbreaking").

Fortunately there is Fone Rescue. This smart app can recover lost information and place it back on your mobile device, so that it is available when needed again. Fone Rescue is compatible with iPod, iPhone and also with the iPad.

Fone Rescue includes different methods to recover lost data. The first is using the full power of this program directly on the device, which is ideal when recovering accidentally deleted files. But it is also possible to ask Fone Rescue to restore your files from backups stored in iCloud or iTunes.

Fone Rescue has no limitations to the type of files to recover. If you have lost photos or songs, with Fone Rescue can preview files before restoring, which you have the option to re-download them to your device or not. It is also useful to retrieve SMS, contacts, call history, etc.

Fone Rescue interface is simple to understand, to the point that any user can easily perform their functions. Outside, no matter your model of iPod, iPhone or iPad, Fone Rescue can with all of them.

Download Fone Rescue and put aside worries about data loss: This program will handle everything.

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Type Shareware

Version 4.5.0

Size 5.37 MB

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