Football Manager 2014


As football simulators go, this one's impossible to ignore. Still as addictive and entertaining as ever


  • A truly authentic football simulator
  • Manage any club in the world
  • Thousands of players, including those generated in-game
  • Manage your team on and off the field, with in-game tactics, post-match press conferences, and more
  • The assistant manager ensures you're never overwhelmed, offering advice or taking the reins on certain projects
  • Outstanding, exciting gameplay allowing you to change every potential outcome
  • Classic Mode provides the original overhead approach to viewing matches


  • The game can be too complex at times

Football Manager 2014 is a football manager game available for the PC which puts you in complete control of every aspect of a football team’s management from player acquisition and transfers, to tactics, press conferences and so much more.

A New and Improved Football Manager

In Football Manager, you are in complete control from the very beginning. Once you take over as manager of any club in the world, every major decision is yours alone to make: what players to buy, how and when to praise them, when to make those all-important substitutions, how to control the press, how to deploy your squad most effectively and so on. As soon as you have accepted this, you can dive in.

The game has made several hundred changes compared to its predecessor, all of them good. Small changes to UI make menus more efficient. One click navigates between modes which used to take several. Color-coding for Career and other modes ensures you can identify what you need quickly.

What’s great about FM 2014 is that its schedule always tries to suit your interests. If you find meetings boring, you can skip them. This can even be done for matches if, for example, they are of little consequence for you. Your gameplay experience is tailored to you.

Classic Mode Makes a Welcome Return

Career mode is as enjoyable as it has ever been, with an upgraded interface. The stat-based system ensures that all major decisions can be backed up with hard statistics, letting you know how a player is progressing at a glance. Classic Mode has also returned in this version of Football Manager, which was a welcome feature for most. Allowing a less flashy gameplay experience, the pitch and players are displayed in 2D from overhead, with circles representing each player. For me this is the better option. The game is not intended to be a FIFA replica, it emphasizes tactics over form. Being able to survey all aspects of the game from above, make changes, and so on, is what is most important. If it’s what you prefer, the 3D option still provides great graphics, and an identical interface for in-game tactical changes.

For true football fanatics, the tactical options in this game are more comprehensive than ever. Terminology aligns nicely with that of real managers, allowing false nines, enganches or a trequartista-type midfield, for example. If you want players to be more aggressive, push up, fall back, play offside or simply retain possession as much as possible, this can also be modified. In fact, there are so many ways to alter your strategy in this game, it would take far too long to elaborate on them all – speaking to the game’s depth and quality.

If there are particular in-game elements which aren’t your forte, the assistant manager is there to help, through taking the reins or simply offering some advice.

If there are particular in-game elements which aren’t your forte, the assistant manager is there to help, through taking the reins or simply offering some advice.

Match Plans allow you to plan ahead for particular outcomes, allowing your assistant to act accordingly. If you haven’t scored by half time, are a goal up, or have had a man sent off, different scenarios can be specified.

Behind the Scenes

As a football manager, most of the game’s charm comes from the endless list of activities to engage in between and after individual matches. So when you’re not on the pitch shouting at your team to stop losing possession, a host of meetings, press conferences and other events are bound to keep you busy.

Press conferences are just as interesting. It is this social aspect which makes the game so realistic. React to the results of big matches in your own way, with more options that ever when answering questions. If a player is disrespectful, you can talk to them and diffuse any potential conflict.

Football Manager 2014 is a perfect example of football simulators done well. It is easy to get started and the UI and layout is simple and easy to navigate, making it easy to control every aspect of the game. Manage players and tactics in-game, hold press conferences, conduct transfers, build the team you want from the ground up. Aspects of the game you are weak at can be delegated to your assistant manager, or skipped altogether, focusing entirely on your needs. An absolute master-class in football simulation. A must buy.

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