To make photo presentations never was so easy: FotoMagico has come


  • Create presentations of photos and videos easily.
  • High quality results.
  • Easy exportation to other devices.
  • Huge number of effects.


  • To edit the photos you need an external tool.

To make presentations is not a science anymore: there are dozens of apps that are able to create them, with different quality levels. But one of the few that allows you to do it easily is FotoMagico.

FotoMagico allows you to create a presentation from a collection of photos and videos that you can export from any other app of Mac. You just have to add the effects and the transitions and FotoMagico creates a video with the quality you need.

FotoMagico has some transitions styles which are very easy to change. You can add the sound tracks you need and to place the photos to make them coincide with the variations of the music (or narration) easily. FotoMagico stands out because it works with up to 6 layers, so you can put other pictures or text over the main photo, with its own transitions and styles.

Although is not it purpose, something missing on FotoMagico is an editor of pictures. We don’t talk about a tool like Photoshop, but something simpler that allows you to correct some values so every photo looks just like you want. Although FotoMagico has a function that works to redefine the color, this implements the changes over the video and not over each picture.

Beyond that FotoMagico requires that you work with an edition tool separately, the truth is that doesn’t exist other way more intuitive to create presentations. FotoMagico will save you a lot of hours of work, because it takes advantage of the power of your Mac to get amazing results with little effort. Then, without leaving out FotoMagico, you could send your presentation to iPhone or iPad, to share it on your Apple TV or to upload it to Youtube or Vimeo so anyone can watch it.

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Type Shareware

Version 5.2.1

Size 356.41 MB

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