Free Burn MP3-CD


Record your favorite music in CDs and make it compatible with any player

Free Burn MP3-CD is an audio utility with which you’ll be able to record music on CDs at an excellent quality, in just a few simple steps.

With Free Burn MP3-CD you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite songs wherever you are, taking them with you on a disc that is compatible with any player. It works at a high speed and has basic tools, so you won’t need to waste time with a steep learning curve. You’ll also be able to preview the songs before recording them, making sure that you have enough space on the disc for your project, and even to completely delete rewritable CDs to use them again.

The Free Burn MP3-CD program is especially designed to record MP3 files to a CD in the simplest way. However, it´s also compatible with other sound formats, and can just as easily record songs that have a WMA, OGG or WAV extension to a disc.

Don’t hesitate any longer to download Free Burn MP3-CD for free and to have all your favorite songs with you, anywhere and at any moment.

• Easy to use
• Preview function

• Includes no advanced features

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Type Freeware

Version 1.2

Size 1.14 MB

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