Obtain excellent professional results with this photography editor

Free Digital Camera Enhancer is an excellent photo editing software that will provide professional results within seconds. It´s the perfect complement for photography fans who don’t have a very sophisticated camera, to get their images the way they want them.

The lack of lighting, some focus errors or noise in the figures can make an incredible picture have some elements that could be improved. With this program you’ll be able to change these aspects and adjust them the way you need them with just a few click, with the convenience that Free Digital Camera Enhancer provides you with the tools required to work with as many documents as you want.

Free Digital Camera Enhancer includes a completely user-friendly graphical interface, so you’ll have no problems using it. You’ll be able to change a large number of characteristics in all your photographs, including color, contrast, brightness, saturation, highlight and others.

It´s important to note that in the main Free Digital Camera Enhancer window you’ll have all the controls distributed in the lower part, and a convenient viewer in the upper part, in which you’ll be able to follow the changes in your files, step by step.

Free Digital Camera Enhancer includes an incredible function called Midtones, with which you’ll solve all your lighting problems. It also includes De-Noise, which will be very useful if your images have noise, or if there are objects that interfere.

Download Free Digital Camera Enhancer now for free and get all your photographs in an optimal quality, in the simplest way.

• Intuitive interface
• Easy to use compared to similar applications
• Real-time preview

• Functionality surpassed by similar programs
• Doesn’t allow many manual adjustments

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Type Freeware

Version 1.3

Size 318.57 kB

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