Free Download Manager


Free Download Manager: it’s free, it downloads, it’s a manager


  • Download to the computer from any source.
  • Supports torrents, FTP, websites, etc.
  • Compatible with password authentication.


  • It could mean installing some components that aren’t necessary.

Downloading online can bring us so much joy. With a couple of mouse clicks, you have your favorite artist’s new album, another episode of that series you’re hooked on, or an updated version of your preferred computer program. But for all this to work, you have to have the best piece of software. Look no further than Free Download Manager.

Free Download Manager can do it all

Something that happens sometimes is that—on downloading something—you need a mountain of installed tools in order to manage the download, which really complicates things. Free Download Manager has a tab design that lets you manage all kinds of downloads: from torrents, common links, download services that use passwords, and so on. It also supports connections via FTP protocol.

The team at Free Download Manager have even thought about downloading entire websites, in two different ways. The first is via a web browser, that loads an entire site and then transfers all the elements to your computer. The second is a HTML spider, a mechanism that’s a little more refined, that carries out a deep exploration of the domain and even searches for the files that can’t be seen on the homepage (but are public, of course).

Hundreds of Options

Free Download Manager has loads of options. It’s even possible to configure the program so that you can download at a time of your choice, or so that you use only a determined amount of bandwidth.

On top of that, it integrates with web browsers, in a way that it’s very easy to carry out your downloads via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer from the Free Download Manager interface. If you tend to use proxies, all you need to do is add them to the program list to use whenever you deem fit. This program really is first-rate.

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Type Freeware

Version 5.1.37

Size 48.74 MB

Other versions

5.1.37 5.1.36 (64-bit) 5.1.36 (32-bit) 5.1.35 (32-bit) 5.1.35 (64-bit)