Frogs in Love


Leap across five ponds, play 13 unique mini-games, and win Jasmine's love in this unique pond-platformer


  • Strong platformer gameplay
  • Simple, point-and-click control system
  • 13 mini-games to play across five ponds
  • A humorous cast of characters add a comic flavor to the game


  • Easy to exploit certain levels to earn enough coins to complete the game

Frogs in Love is a free top-down platformer game, developed by Boomzap, in which a frog must overcome his reservations and seek out as many coins as possible to win the heart of Jasmine at the upcoming flower festival 

Love Must Be Earned

The story of the game is simple. You play as a lowly tree frog working in a sushi shop in Pali pond. All seems fairly normal until Jasmine arrives, a dazzlingly beautiful frog you instantly fall in love with. The frog immediately tries to get her attention by asking her to the upcoming flower festival. However, after a short dialogue, the frog realizes that she does not feel the same way, at least not yet. She claims that whoever brings her the most coins at the upcoming flower festival will be considered worthy of her attention. And so, with a renewed resolve, the frog sets off to search for coins, encountering all manner of interesting frogs and environments along the way. In addition to your frog, there is also Redclaw, owner of the sushi shop, his childhood friend Lily who tries to support him throughout and his rival, Stinkweed, who is also after the affections of Jasmine.

Core Gameplay and Features

Visually, the game is quite impressive, offering attractive graphics for ponds and characters as well as a host of different facial expressions and character animations. The music, while fairly subdued, also helps to add to the atmosphere and is quite animated when needed. The main objective of the game is to complete a series of mini-games given by other frogs in your community and explore all five ponds. In order to take part in these mini-games, you will require coins, which are also awarded to you for completing them. It's a self-perpetuating process. Rewards also include advice for our frog about his pursuit of love, his looks, and other humorous features of his life. Each mini-game has three scaling difficulty levels, each of which must be completed before you can progress on to the next one. The more difficult levels will also cost you more coins. 

Basic gameplay is relatively easy to master. The UI consists of your time, your objective and the number of coins you have earned. As with other games of this kind, the game uses a point-and-click control system to both move your frog from one lily pad to another and to engage with objects like bugs with your tongue. For certain mini-games, quick reflexes are a must. The physics of the game support this system. Lilies, once landed upon, will move in the direct you came from, preserving their momentum.

The types of mini-games on offer across each of the ponds are quite varied, offering 13 in total for a dynamic gameplay experience for players

The types of mini-games on offer across each of the ponds are quite varied, offering 13 in total for a dynamic gameplay experience for players. Examples include bug catching, breaking chains of bugs by spitting other bugs, finding hidden objects, matching pairs of similar objects and many more. Progressing through difficulty levels also prepares you for the next iteration of each mode. Since these are all based on similar game mechanics, you never feel out of your depth. 

Earning Coins in Frogs in Love

As you progress through the five ponds, you will quickly realize that the central goal of the game - earning coins - can easily be achieved not by pursuing newer and tougher challenges, but by repeating certain levels over and over again to earn coins. The game presents no diminishing returns for repeating levels, and it is entirely possible, under the right set of conditions, to completely finish the game by earning a sufficient amount of coins in several hours, effectively bypassing a significant portion of the game. Why coins were chosen as the ultimate goal of the game is unclear. While you can carry on and finish the game, the last level being the flower festival itself, once you have earned enough coins the game is no longer motivating. 

The Verdict

Overall, The mini-games on offer are thoroughly enjoyable, and the gameplay is varied enough to keep a player satisfied. The sound effects, graphics and characters are also quite impressive. With three difficulty tiers for each level, challenging yourself is encouraged. Where the game falls, however, is in how pointless these features become once you realize how to exploit a simple way to earn coins in a short amount of time. If the reward system were designed, this game would be fantastic. In fact, to an extent it still is. If you play it the way it was intended, going through each level in turn, the game is thoroughly enjoyable and well worth downloading. The game offers a free trial version, as well as a full version which can be downloaded elsewhere. 

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