Frogs vs Storks


Repel the evil storks to prevent your frogs from being eaten in this checkers-like puzzle game


  • Hundreds of unique levels to traverse with your frogs
  • Become a master strategist on a checkerboard layout
  • Inverse enemy movement mechanics are highly original and unique
  • Difficulty curve rises steadily to ensure you're always on your toes
  • Visuals, sound effects, and soundtrack create a humorous backdrop to gameplay


  • Story is rather basic, with no character development
  • Easy to trap oneself in tougher levels

Frogs vs Storks is a free arcade-style puzzle game, developed by Cateia Games, in which you must protect your lily pond from the evil storks by deftly navigating the checkerboard of lily pads with your frogs.

Leave Us Frogs in Peace

Frogs live a fundamentally simple, but peaceful, existence. That is, until their world is turned upside down by the arrival of a potential predator. This is the backdrop for the game's story. After a group of storks arrive who are determined to eradicate the frog population and take the pond for themselves, you as the player must assist the frogs in defending their pond and their kind from the storks. While a simple enough story, the game emphasizes solid gameplay over a comprehensive narrative. As such, it tends not to dwell on the impending doom of the frogs, instead offering a colorful, cuter interpretation of the scene, with vibrant shades of green, eerily calm background music and generally happy frogs. Sound effects, too, resembling the likes of Looney Tunes, choose not to emphasize the evident grief of these frogs, with horn flourishes when your frogs are killed, for instance. Maybe the developers are just living in denial.

Core Gameplay and Features

In terms of gameplay, the game combines elements of Snakes and Ladders, Checkers and a handful of other games. Each level in the game takes place on a checkerboard-like grid of lily pads. A player is tasked with moving their frogs along this checkerboard either horizontally or vertically until your frogs successfully traverse it. One frog can be moved at a time. Completing a level is achieved by moving all of your frogs from green lily pads to yellow ones without being eaten by storks. Frogs have freedom of movement, similar to kings in checkers, but unlike in checkers they cannot move diagonally. Characters in the game, consisting of frogs, fat frogs and storks, are each given their own set of animations, making using or encountering them a unique experience each time. The game's UI is rather basic, containing the board itself, your timer, your stage and level, and the number of turns you have taken. 

In order to conquer more tricky levels, fine use of strategy is required...In a way, in Frogs vs Storks a player is only playing against himself, since any frog that gets devoured is due entirely to his own choices and poor planning

Before beginning a level, the game will ask you to select how many turns you can do it in. Selecting a smaller number and completing it will earn you more points. Given the game's emphasis on strategy, it is considerably more skillful to be able to complete a level in the fewest number of possible turns. As you progress through a level, you will become aware of the most important game mechanic - and the biggest deterrent - to you completing the level: the movement patterns of the storks. Invariably, storks will always move in the exact opposite direction of the last frog to move. While with a small number of frogs this will allow you to effectively avoid being eaten, with a larger number it is harder to keep track of your frogs. Moving clear of one stork might lead you right into the mouth of another. In order to conquer more tricky levels, fine use of strategy is required. The game contains a steadily increasing difficulty to facilitate development of such skills. Even after a frog has made it on to a yellow lily, they are never safe from harm. Storks must be diverted from all of your frogs to truly complete a level. In a way, in Frogs vs Storks a player is only playing against himself, since any frog that gets devoured is due entirely to his own choices and poor planning. If at any point you lose any of your frogs, you will have to restart the current level. This prompts the player to be extra careful with each move.

In-level bonuses in the form of 'swamp treasures' are an incentive to divert from your more direct route to safety for the sake of more points. If you're a completionist and are after minimal-move, high-score runs, this will prove a fruitful pursuit. Should you bypass this option, the storks will pick them up, which will lose you points

The Verdict

Frogs vs Storks is a highly original take on games such as checkers and other grid-based puzzle games. Along with a calm soundtrack, colorful environments and unique animations, the game has very strong strategic elements, stemming from the movement patterns of storks always being in direct opposition to frogs. A steep difficulty curve ensures that this mechanic is learned and mastered to its absolute fullest. As stated above, a player is only playing against himself, which provides the truest challenge of this game. If you're looking for a fun game that plays like checkers but with more dynamic and interesting features, Frogs vs Storks will provide. The game is available as a free trial version while the full version can be downloaded elsewhere. 

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