Fruit Ninja HD


Slice away boredom with Fruit Ninja HD

Fruit Ninja HD is a simple and addictive arcade game in which you’ll have the objective to cut as many fruits as possible before they reach the ground.

Enjoy Fruit Ninja on the PC

This title was originally launched for iPhone and iPad. Later, its offer was expanded, making it available on Android, Windows Phone, Nokia OVI and Samsung BADA. Now, one of the most popular games for touch screens will be available for download and use on any Desktop computer.

The premise is very simple: you are a skillful and fast ninja who, to practice using the sword, must cut watermelons, apples, limes, strawberries, kiwis, coconuts, grenades and other fruit in the air. You must have fast reflexes, and watch out for the bombs, since if you touch them, they will explode and your game will be over. Your wise sensei will be with you, giving you advice and teaching you techniques. Besides, if you achieve certain feats, he will reward you with new sables and screen backgrounds.

If you already enjoy Fruit Ninja Frenzy on Facebook, competing with all your friends, then the PC version will bring you new challenges and features that will keep you entertained for hours.

Fruit Ninja HD Lite includes several game modes that will challenge you and put your reflexes to test in different ways. For a start, Classic Mode is the title in its original version. Here you’ll have no time limit, but you can’t let any fruit fall to the floor, since the third one to do so will end the game. You’ll also get disastrous bombs that will make you lose instantly if they explode.

Arcade Mode will give you a minute to play, with some special variations. For a start, the bombs won’t finish the game, but will take away ten seconds from the clock. Besides, you’ll get three color bananas with effects that will let you stop time, get double score and enjoy two full bowls of fruit to increase your score.

If you want to relax, in Zen Mode you’ll have 90 seconds only with fruit, to have fun destroying and splattering pulp all over the place. You won’t have bombs or penalties; your only limitation will be the time. On the other hand, in Multiplayer Mode you’ll compete with a friend, side by side, for the highest score. Be sure to get good combos, since these will increase the value of the fruit.

Finally, it should be mentioned that when you download this game you’ll install the Intel AppUp platform, necessary for its correct operation. This won’t cause you any delay or problems, but you must register on the official site.

Download Fruit Ninja HD and have hours of fun destroying fruit with your sword!

• Various game modes
• Excellent gameplay
• Highly addictive
• The possibility to unlock new contents

• Nothing to report
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Type Freeware

Version 1.9.5

Size 43.69 MB

Other versions

1.9.5 1.6.1