FunPhotor is an image editor that will let you apply fun changes in your photographs, without having to put up with complicated options.

This nice software is very simple, and it is designed to let even the most novice users use it without any difficulty. Basically, it offers you a function to add your face (or the face of anybody you want) to another image and have fun with the results. You’ll be able to see yourself in a poster of your favorite movie, in the center of a work of art, on a banknote, with celebrities, or in any place you want.

For a start, you have the option to choose any of the application’s default templates or to create one of your own with a file you have on your computer. Please keep in mind that FunPhotor only supports the BMP, JPG, JPEG, ICO, WMF and EMF formats.

Next, you have to select a photograph of your face, that of a friend or any one of those included in FunPhotor. Once you choose your character, you’ll arrange the face’s size, orientation, position and rotation. To integrate it completely into the scene, you’ll be able to adjust brightness, contrast, color and shadows. Besides, you’ll have a tool to add customized text and to generate fun and original cards.

In summary, FunPhotor is an excellent utility to have some fun time with friends, but if you want to make more detailed modifications to images, you may want to try out a program such as

Download FunPhotor for free and have hours of fun!

• Pleasant and intuitive interface
• Easy to use compared to similar applications
• Includes a large number of default images
• Includes original editing options

• Doesn’t allow many manual adjustments

FunPhotor limitations:
• 7-day trial
• Restricted features
• Purchase or registration reminder
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Type Shareware

Version 6.1

Size 13.25 MB

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