Genius PDF Reader


Get a capable and lightweight alternative to Adobe with the Genius PDF Reader


  • Lightweight PDF reader
  • Converts files to PDFs


  • No editing feature

The Genius PDF Reader is a utility tool for your PC that allows you to read PDF files easily. PDF files are a pleasure to read. If you need to read large amounts of texts online then you know how the PDF is the format that you want to encounter!

If you are tired of Adobe Acrobat and its constant requests for updates then an alternative, simple and lightweight application will probably appeal to you. The Genius PDF Reader is a clear and straightforward program that allows you to view PDF documents on your PC.

This isn’t just PDF reader however, the Genius PDF Reader also allows you to convert different types of documents to PDFs. These document types include Word and Powerpoint files. PDFs are easily shared online or with other devices, this application ensures that you can read your files whether you are at your computer or on the move.

The one thing that the Genius PDF Reader lacks is an editing option, you cannot alter PDF files with this program but if you want to remove watermarks etc you can always download a useful program like the PDF Logo Remover.

Overall the Genius PDF Reader offers an excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat, it is a lot smaller while boasting most of its functions.

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Type Freeware

Version 2.0

Size 12.42 MB

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