Use all of your favourite Android apps on your PC with this excellent program


  • Emulate the Android OS on your computer
  • Run applications, as well as test and reveal them
  • Really fast


  • Nothing noteworthy

The greatest thing about the digital is that it can be shared. Genymotion is an application that gives you the ability to emulate your Android operating-system on your computer.

What does this mean? By installing Genymotion on your system, you can use applications that are developed for Android on your laptop or desktop. The program is an open-source project that already has the recommendations of over 300,000 Android developers.

The application is used wisely among programmers to test their software, as well as show it off on the big-screen. There is nothing more tedious than having to install and update your Android project on your smartphone every time you change or improve something about the app you’re currently developing. This is why it is great to have Genymotion in order to test software quickly and easily from your computer.

But the program is also a great application to have on your computer as an average user. With the ability to use Android applications on your computer you can play amazing games only made from the OS on your laptop or desktop.

Genymotion is a super-fast virtual-machine, that integrates with popular IDEs like Eclipse to keep development for programmers effortless. Likewise the application recreates an Android extravagance. Everyone interacting with the Android OS in some way should definitely download this fantastic program.




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Type Freeware

Version 2.12.1

Size 46.01 MB

Other versions

2.12.1 2.12.0 2.11.0 1.1.0