Test your mathematical prowess with the advanced tool for your PC, Geogebra

Geogebra is an application for you PC that allows you to complete, create and combine mathematic equations and symbols.

Geogebra is a piece of software aimed at the mathematically minded amongst us! The program’s developers claim that Geogebra is “dynamic mathematics software for education in secondary schools” but I would argue that it is more suitable for college students studying mathematics or lecturers and teachers of the subject.

Geogebra connects geometric, algebraic and numeric representations in an interactive way that is impressively advanced but often frustratingly complex. It allows you to directly enter and manipulate equations and coordinates enabling you to plot functions, work with sliders to investigate parameters and find symbolic derivatives.

The Geogebra interface presents the user with a series of unique icons for adding objects. These include points, lines through two points, polygons, ellipses, angles, reflect objects and sliders. In order to customize and configure these objects click on them and then click on the main two axis view which then opens properties boxes.

In relation to compatibility it is necessary to have Java Runtime Environment on your PC in order to run Geogebra. Perhaps the most useful thing I found with Geogebra is that it offers you a way to make conjectures and therefore prove geometry theorems that I’d find difficult to comprehend without using the program.


• Offers an array of mathematical icons
• Ideal for students of mathematics
• Useful for understanding geometry theorems


• Requires substantial mathematical knowledge.
Geogebra icon

Type Shareware

Version 6.0.481.0

Size 60.8 MB

Other versions

6.0.481.0 6.0.477.0 6.0.476.0 6.0.473.0 6.0.471.0