GIMP, the image editor that doesn’t mess around


  • Open code design software.
  • Can be used for drawing, editing, graphic design, etc.
  • Broad compatibility with other tools.
  • Personalizable appearance.


  • Learning curve is pretty steep for beginners.

GIMP is a free program with open code that aims to provide you with a giant toolbox to edit photos with on your computer. It’s a top-quality, comprehensive option, although at first it may take some time to learn the ropes. But don’t fret—if you need to edit images, GIMP is there to help.

Create and edit with total freedom

As already mentioned, GIMP is a free, open code program that is the default picture editor in various versions of Linux. In the case of Windows, it offers an alternative to the relentless dominion of Photoshop, given that it boats a good range of advanced graphic manipulation tools and it’s free.

There’s no large company behind GIMP, but instead an active community who have collaborated together. This we see reflected in the constant program updates and the high level of activity in the forums, as well as the fact that there’s a load of plugins that will help you out no end. If you feel that GIMP in and of itself doesn’t have quite enough tools, it’s likely that you’ll find an add-on that meets your needs.

Compatible y personalizable

Something we like a lot about free software tools is that—because they’re not looking to grab a large share of the market—they tend to be pretty generous. In the case of GIMP, it’s a program that invites you to use other software when a task isn’t possible. It’s compatible, for example, with Scribus (for design editing) and Inkscape (able to work with vector diagrams).

In short, the whole of GIMP is pretty open. It’s interface is completely personalizable, so  you know you’ll have complete control and be in total comfort when you work.

Photo editing

One of the stand-out features of GIMP is that which lets you retouch photos. Beyond the functions you’d expect, there’s a pretty impressive arsenal of effects; It’s possible to correct brightness and color, change the image perspective, or even duplicate specific elements in order to correct those tiny imperfections.

When we talk about professional work, GIMP doesn’t come in first place, but offers a great number of tools and allows for fantastic results. Years of development have meant that GIMP has now been given some deserved recognition. Why not check it out?

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Type Free (GPL)

Version 2.10.2

Size 149.45 MB

Other versions

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