Check your grammar and correct spelling errors while learning English

Ginger is a spell-checker of astonishing precision. With a patent-pending correction system, you’ll achieve a virtually perfect writing in English.

Improve your English with Ginger

Although only available in English, people who have difficulties with this language, either students or native speakers, have a new and efficient weapon available: Ginger will let them correct spelling errors and improve their language level in general.

Thus, you’ll be able to improve your pronunciation, accent and writing, making this a great option if what you need is computer programs for dyslexia or dysgraphia. Ginger Grammar can be a great help, since it explains errors and shows the changes in the applied corrections.

Among other benefits, it includes a voice text reader (for email, documents and websites). Besides, the application works as a private English teacher, since it generates exercises, quizzes and lessons based on the errors you commit and many details more.

In summary, you have an excellent multimedia English course in your hands, since this download includes a corrector of typing errors which will also help you in pronouncing words, and a large amount of exercises according to your needs. Install it right now and start learning.

• Voice reader for documents, websites and emails
• Corrects up to 95% of errors
• Generates customized learning lessons for every user

• Doesn’t include an automatic translator

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Type Freeware

Version 2.7.53

Size 15.81 MB

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