Computer maintenance made easy with Glary Utilities


  • Precise and fast analysis.
  • Optimizes Windows startup.
  • Helps to clean up malware.


  • Clean up with just one click’ takes a long time

Glary Utilities is a full pack of tools that will help you to clean the registry, eliminate junk files, and optimize the booting up of Windows.

Need for speed

The main aim of Glary Utilities is the get the most from your computer and operating system. Its process is 100% safe and will help free up space on your disk. If you’ve been unsure about your computer’s stability for a while now, now is the moment to give Glary Utilities a shot.

You’ll have more than 20 cleanup options available to you to obtain top performance. Glary Utilities will correct directory accesses, delete temporary files, analyze the disks, delete unused content, uninstall useless programs, and much more.

Faster bootup speeds

Glary Utilities has an extremely interesting tool, which lets you monitor the speed of the Windows startup. This feature isn’t that common in other programs, so it’s pretty useful; most users ignore the amount of programs that start up as soon as the computer is switched on. Glary Utilities can identify each process and then disable all those than take up too much memory and slow the computer down. 

What’s more, Glary Utilities can offer you more security, as it can delete your browsing history, remove viruses and spyware, and delete invalid registry entries. In addition, if something doesn’t work, you can restore the system at any of the points you’ve saved it at.

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Type Freeware

Version 5.105

Size 16.52 MB

Other versions

5.105 5.104 5.103 5.102 5.101