Gods Will Be Watching


The game that puts your sense of right and wrong to the ultimate test


  • Science-fiction thriller
  • Puzzling and disturbing
  • Gripping storyline
  • Great graphics


  • Nothing noteworthy

Gods Will Be Watching is a sci-fi action-chiller, which looks and plays as a retro arcade game.

The game is ultimately a puzzle for you to solve. More than that alone however, it leaves you absolutely transfixed in moral ambiguity and hopelessness. For half of it, you will be perplexed by what it wants you to do; for playing it further only means you must sacrifice those you hold dear, or turn against your team in a heartbeat.

Gods Will Be Watching is a galactic mission which follows Sergeant Burden and his corps through an intense plot of despair, dishonour and disfigurement. In 6 surreal chapters endure and escape from captivity and torture, and journey into the unknown and survive.

The game is really interesting to play because every decision you make has some great effect for either the crew or your mission, and it is up to you to choose which of these two entities you value more. The name itself gives away the sense of predicament you will surely find yourself in while you play the game; for only the Gods and you will know exactly how you’ve wronged your own and yourself.

Gods Will be Watching is a game that really tests how you might react to seemingly impossible situations; whether you would be merciful and great, or completely inhumane and uncivilized.

The game is graphically enticing, and has an equally great soundtrack. Download and play it for something so bizarre you will be betwixt with emotion.

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