Google Chrome 12


Google Chrome 12

Google Chrome 12 is one of the fastest Web browsers on the market.

In this new edition the developers have reinforced aspects related to the loading speed for different contents. Mainly, attention has been paid to pages that work with the HTML5 standard and with JavaScript applications.

Google Chrome 12 also stands out due to its simple and handy interface. The layout and order of the tabs are just a click away. Also, the browser includes an interesting customization module in which the user will be able to choose different “skins” to change its visual aspect.

Finally, the security area of Google Chrome 12 is one of its strong points. Chrome 12 is constantly updated to provide its users the greatest confidentiality in their tasks of viewing bank accounts, detecting spyware, programs that carry out identity theft and protection against malicious applications.

• Intuitive interface
• The address bar also works as a search engine
• Highly customizable

• Random compatibility errors with ShockWave Player
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Type Shareware

Version 12.0.742.100

Size 575.88 kB

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